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Chara ib
Vital statistics
Name Ib
Kanji Name 『イヴ』
Age 9
Gender Female
Eyes Red
Hair Brown
Relatives Mother (Mother) Father (Father) Mary (Sister in Forever, Together ending)
Ib (pronounced as "Eeb", similair to "Eve") is the main character of the game. She is a quiet 9 year old girl.


Since Ib doesn't talk a lot in the game, there isn't much known about her personality. Though, she seems smart (she is nine and she can solve puzzles adults may have trouble with).


Ib has a long brown hair with straight bangs. She has red eyes who she has inherited from her mother. She wears a white shirt with a red tie, a red skirt, blue knee-length stockings, and red shoes. Her vocabulary is limited due to her young age, and doesn't understand some words when reading painting descriptions.

She is also very innocent, due to the fact that believes that Garry is just sleeping at the end of the game.



One day, Ib and her parents go to an art museum filled with work from the artist Guertena. While at the reception desk, her mother allows her to explore the museum on her own. When Ib looks at a painting named Fabricated World, the lights go out and everyone vanishes. Ib listens to the mysterous writing and becomes trapped in a world where she has to solve puzzles and escape living paintings to make out alive.

Ib finds a beautiful red rose while looking around. However, it turns out that her spirit and health is embodied in that rose and when the rose wilts, Ib too will wilt away and die.

On her way to escape, she finds a purple-haired man lying on the ground. She manages to save his rose, a blue one, and heal the wilting rose. She returns the rose to the man, who has mistaken her as another creature for a second, but then realizes that she's also from the gallery. He introduces himself as Garry, and the two decide to escape together.

Garry and Ib eventually meet Mary, a girl about Ib's age, who also wants to escape this fabricated world. She tags along with them, the three of them working together towards one goal.

Along the way, however, Garry gets seperated from the two girls. He tries to reach the two girls, and along the way, realizes that Mary is not human, but instead, another painting of Guertena. When Garry, Ib, and Mary meet again, Mary attempts to attack either Ib or Garry with a pallet knife. Garry knocks Mary out, and they continue to make their way, this time arriving in the crayon world.

The crayon world appears to be made by Mary herself, along with crayon illustrations and eerie music. After they solve the puzzles and make their way to the toybox to find the pink key inside, Mary pushes them in.

Ib awakens after her fall, not having her rose or knowing where Garry is. She may or may not find her rose, depending on your anger points.

If she does find her rose...

which has only one petal left, Ib goes to wake Garry. The two of them go and find the pink key. Right after, and the manniquin heads, dolls, and headless statues go wild, attacking Ib. She makes her way to the exit, and goes into the upstairs room. Mary comes soon after them, and screams after them while attempting to stab Ib and Garry with a pallet knife. They burn Mary's painting down using Garry's lighter, and she turns into ashes. They both go to the Fabricated World mural, and jump in, returning to the museum. If Garry has Ib's handkerchief, they remember each other and promise to meet again. If Garry does not have Ib's handkerchief, they do not remember each other.

If she does not find her rose...

a doll ends up giving it to Mary after Ib and Garry find the pink key. Garry ends up sacrificing his rose to get Ib's rose back. Mary runs upstairs, playing "Love me not" with his rose, eventually killing Garry.

If Ib chases after Mary and burns down her painting, she jumps back into the real museum afterwards, and sees a painting of dead Garry instead of the Hanging Man. Ib does not recognize him, but stares at the painting before leaving.

If Ib simply jumps back to the real museum without burning down Mary's painting, somehow Mary becomes Ib's sister when she returns to the real world. Ib does not remember anything that happens, and somehow remembers Mary as her sister. Mary eats the candy Garry gave to you before/takes away Garry's lighter so Ib will never remember or know what happened.

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